Inaugurated on December 8, 1966, the Hospital Santa Lúcia was the first private hospital in Brasília. Reference in the segment, it has been offering the best solutions to care for the health of their patients with humanized assistance, modern facilities, Emergency in all specialties, specialized service in orthognathic surgery, surgical center for large and high complexity procedures, clinical ICU, surgical and cardiovascular, neonatal ICU, the latest technology in diagnostic imaging, highly qualified teams, oncology integrated to the Hospital services, among other advantages.




Surgical Center: performs all types of surgical procedures, such as cardiac and neurological transplants and surgeries with advanced technology equipment, and has intelligent room and support with a multidisciplinary team.


Intensive Care Unit (ICU): there are beds directed to meet the core of patentees for therapies: cardiovascular, neurological, surgical diseases, among others.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): dedicated to the care of newborns, has a specialized multidisciplinary team to care for medium to high risk patients, and is the only city with this differential. This unit attends with its own milk bank contribution, certified by Fiocruz.


Apartments: apartments, standard suites, premium suites and VIP suites.



Emergency: focuses on the same site medical clinic, orthopedics, general surgery, cardiology, gynecology, pediatrics and – as achievable specialties – otolaryngology, urology, neurology, among others.


Surgical block: includes 11 rooms, being two of them destined for obstetric procedures, and two intelligent operating rooms that allow performing video assisted surgery and combined with minimally invasive techniques.


Transfusion agency: the Hospital Santa Lucia keeps partnership with the blood-clinics and operates fully in the care provided in all care units. It is the only one in the Federal District to offer all the resources for the full implementation of the autologous bone marrow transplantation.


Mobile transport: performs, in its own ambulance, agile and safe transport of critically ill patients arriving at the helipad of the Fire Department, located next to the Hospital.





Hospital Santa Lúcia é prepared to ensure the safety of its patients. For so, the Unit has a technological park with reserves to immediate substitution. It has equipment to ensure the functioning of the unit in case of shortage of water and energy and infrastructure, as well as continuously trained teams in all situations, even in serious cases such as fires and accidents involving multiple victims. Moreover, it has strict infection control, and has alcohol gel, soap and water devices in all areas. The Hospital Santa Lúcia also protects its employees, patients, families and visitors with Security and Fire Brigade 24 hours a day, in addition to permanent monitoring by cameras.





Data confidentiality: data about the health of each patient are confidential and contain information that enables the continuity of care provided to the individual. In order to obtain a copy of the medical record, the patient or their parent/guardian must fill out an application at the Medical and Statistical File Service (MSFS).



Private doctor: the patient may be treated at Hospital Santa Lucia by his/her personal physician, provided that the professional is registered in the Unit.




The staff of the Hospital Santa Lúcia has prepared and reachable professionals to provide services in English and Spanish. In addition, the Unit ensures, yet, the possibility of hiring translator of other languages, if necessary.




All procedures performed at the Hospital Santa Lúcia shall be paid only in local currency, the Real. Payment can be made by card, on the modalities credit or debit.




The Hospitalization Sector operates 24 hours a day and has a contract with the embassies of the United States, Australia, England and Canada. When the foreigner has no agreement with these institutions, he/she is admitted in a particular character.




The Hospital Santa Lúcia respects the privacy and confidentiality of the information of their patients, and has reserved rooms for the reception of family members, where professionals of the Unit can explain the status and take questions about the service received and the individual’s health status.


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